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URL from the Government Website which documents her conviction:

Despite conviction, Monique Rollin is now a convicted criminal but remains working for Sault Ste. Marie Police Force, being promoted at least twice since convicting the young nurse.

Personally, my experience with this person have been much worse. She give me evidence that she is a hate-filled monger who has alot of racist blood, especially towards easterners and negros. Her ego gives her motivation to stack her stories with career-building facts, exploiting cases, jumping to conclusions to bolster her image. Breaching security and certainly privacy with confedential information. She is also known to post information on websites with cases that are under development, "wishing for alot of information from anonymous people on the Internet," to pass along to the Crown to convict people. A complete violation of privacy, confedentiality, integrity, which clearly she has little-to-none of.

"I've heard her say what is a nigger from Nigeria doing in Sault Ste. Marie."
During court, I heard her speaking to fellow officer Sean Sparling (whom she shares her office with.) They had been discussing a 30-year old Nigerian who was in custody named Jonathan Alabi (whom is now deported-or thought to be.) She had said that Alabi will be forced into a guilty plea because nobody in the court room will think twice of why "a nigger from Nigeria was in Sault Ste. Marie opening a postal box." Sean Sparling had laughed with a snort of his nose as he found Rollin's comment to be amusing and said shortly after, " I see your point and couldn't agree more." I also had her Rollin say that he must be in the "Nigerian mafia."

0 She stole my ID, money and left by door unlocked and wide open to known crack-heads. After Monique Rollin stormed my rented apartment on Queen Street East, she and her fellow crony skinhead officer "Rains" a skinhead looking fellow who looks much more like a bulldog who had his face disassembled by a wild boar than a human being forced me to leave personal items such as - Ontario Birth certificate, Ontario Health Card, Social Insurance Number, and $400.00 Canadian Dollars in cash which she claims not to have found- how convienient! She had even placed charges against me for being in possession of my Nintendo 64, and Oral Microphone which apparantly she had claimed were stolen from "the Eastgate Hotel," two months before I was even in the city. *Note, I was in Montreal, QC at this time which could have easily be documented. After my Father had entered the room which was rented, he had told me the door was left wide open and most of my things, including my Birth certificate and clothes had been stolen- either by Officer Monique Rollin and / or Rains. She had threatened to furthermore charge me if I called her office demanding my stolen Birth Certificate back on various occasions.

64 charges, not even informed of what they were or how they become! Yes, that is correct. Officer Rollin had framed me with 64 charges. I was not even informed of what they were, half of them I do not think would have been legally binding, spamming a site that was already in contempt of law as a "mischief to property?" Perhaps if I had money to hire a lawyer they would have been dismissed? I remember to end the misery I plead guilty to most of them, I don't remember what I plead guilty to and didn't know the pretext for the charges, all I do know is that most of them were bogus done by hateful Rollin to bolster her reputation in the Force and flash her recent knowledge from her college class in public. These charges were clear evidence to me that Rollin is a hateful woman, with little respect to the legal system or the position she is in to handle cases. Many of the charges could have been easily traced to two well-documented drug addicts and lovers, Bobbie Jo Wilson and her pimp Charlie Carracato who had unfortunatly lived upstairs where I had rented for 1-month.

In Court Rollin described Bobbie Jo Wilson (whom I do not know except from being harrassed to continously use my phone and lend her and her pimp small amounts of money) as a "poor, pregnant, young lady."

My electrician Dad is a luxurious, rich man who drives a fancy SUV Rollin had claimed I told them my Dad was a rich man who drove a fancy SUV (1995 Ford Explorer-S.E) who is really an electrician at Algoma Steel.

Reasons why Monique Rollin is not a suitable member of the Police Force: - Her conviction for harrassing Miss Kelly-Wood. - Her lack of remorse for doing so. - The fact she did this while employed and on-duty. - Entering false data into the "police computer" so Miss Kelly-Wood would have trouble entering the U.S.A.
Reasons not proved but well presumed by public:
- Her racist approach to non-caucasians.
- Her dishonest approach to pile her cases full of lies.

Blue Line News, Sault Star (Southam Papers)

Sept. 21, 2000

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. (CP)

- A city police sergeant was found guilty Thursday of harassing a woman involved in a romantic triangle with her former fiance Monique Rollin, 14-year officer headed up the police service's morality bureau was convicted of criminal harassment and making harassing calls. Rollin was to return to court Oct. 26 for sentencing. The judge's decision shocked Rollin, 35, and her supporters, who include the man at the center of the romantic entanglement.

(Not in this article but on the Sault Star Front Page it had claimed Rollin had made repeated threats mentioning she had a gun. I believe she had an order that barred her from carrying guns for a defined amount of time- not sure if her cronies had this fixed but I believe this was the case.

ANY INFORMATION on this mention would be appreciated.

An appeal will be filed, defense lawyer Malcolm McLeod said. Ontario Court Justice James Robson said he found the evidence of complainant Cheryl Kelly-Wood believable. Kelly-Wood’s complaints stemmed from a triangle that developed after she began dating Wayne Taylor, who had been engaged to Rollin and was still involved with the officer.

The nurse testified during the five-day trial that she had been the target of hundreds of harassing phone calls from Rollin between Jan 1. 1997 and Aug. 27, 1999. Kelly-Wood also said she was so fearful she moved to Texas in June 1999. The accused had admitted she wanted Taylor exclusively and is with him today, the judge noted.

"The Love triangle was painful to both women, Robinson said, adding the object of their attention "doesn't seem to be a very worthy candidate."

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